The amount of time it takes to heal a diabetic foot wound depends primarily on the following factors;

  • The severity of the wound
  •  The quality of blood flow 
  •  The ability to de-weight the affected area.

The severity of a wound relates to not only its size, but also if there is infection present and if it is deep.  If a wound is very deep, deep to the level of bone and is infected, these wounds can take months or more to heal. 

There are instances where a wound is small and non-infected, but if blood flow into the foot is too low, these wounds can also linger for months at a time.  If the type of blood flow abnormality can be treated by a vascular surgeon, this expedites the process.

Finally, and also very importantly, the area of the wound needs to be free of friction and weight.  Often wounds on the bottom of the foot linger if a person is unable to rest the wounded area and especially if they stand or walk excessively while trying to heal the wound. 

While we cannot predict the future, your podiatrist can very quickly tell you what hurdles may need to be overcome to heal a diabetic wound.  This can give you a better idea if you can expect to treat the wound for weeks, months or a year.

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