A corn or callus is caused by the rubbing of of your foot against the top of a shoe, if it occurs on the toes, or areas of pressure on the bottom of your foot due to the shape of your bones or the way you walk.  In order for your body to "protect" itself from these areas of pressure, your body produces increased layers of skin.  These layers of skin appear as a corn on the toe or a callus on the bottom of the foot.  If you do not hae diabetes or circulation problems, you can remove these layers with a pumi bar/ pumice stone after soaking you feet in water or after a shower, or you can visit our doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic where we can remove the buildup of skin immediately.  However, unless you address the cause of the callus, it will return.  Our doctors can get to the root cause of the biomecahnical problem, and suggest treatment plans so it will not return.