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How long does it take to get rid of my child's heel pain?


The sooner your child comes in for treatment, the faster he or she will heal.  Pediatric heel pain, also known as Sever's disease, is quite common in active children ages 8-14 years old.  It can be exacerbated by certain sports that involve increased use of the heel and Achilles tendon that inserts at the back of the heel, such as soccer, basketball, and gymnastics, among other sports.  Usually, the pain lasts 2-3 weeks, and sometimes even less with proper treatment including stretching and immobilization and change of shoe gear or use of inserts.  In some cases, it may take up to 2 months in order to rest the affected area and let your child's body heal.  In any case, the most important thing to remember is early treatment is essential in early recovery.  So if your child is having heel pain, do not delay and make an appointment with one of our doctors and your child will soon be on his or her way to recovery.