Athlete's foot is caused by a fungus, and it is everywhere!  It is easy to get athlete's foot, and after a correct diagnosis from our doctors, we can help you get rid of it as well.  The most important thing to do to prevent its recurrence is to change the environment that allows it to thrive in the first place and treat the inside of your shoes. Think about it - you wash your feet, you wash your socks, lander your sheets and towels, and clean the tub but the one place you can't treat is the inside of your shoes.  Very often, this is how re infection occurs, because the fungus is still thriving in that dark enclosed environment.  By using our antimicrobial shoe spray, you can tackle this obstacle.  In addition, remember to dry thoroughly between your toes after a shower, change your socks frequently, and wear a shoe that has a breathable material if possible. For any further questions regarding athlete's foot and its prevention, contact our office for an appointment.