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How do I know if it's more than a sprain?


When you twist your ankle, you may be wondering how to know if it truly is 'just a sprain.'  In the world of podiatry, it's never 'just a sprain.'  Even in instances where it is a minor injury, there is the need to have this injury addressed, or it often will come back to haunt you.  The way to know if it's 'something more' is to have a thorough evaluation with a specialist - your local podiatrist!

When you twist or sprain your ankle, there is a possibility that the ankle bone has fractured.  Because of peoples' varying levels of pain tolerance and their internal motivation to not be out of sport (or running) for very long, we very quickly try to rationalize that it is 'just a sprain.'  This it just the kind of thinking that can get us into a lot of trouble later.  A visit with your podiatrist and a quick set of x-rays has the power to ease your mind or at least get your treatment program off on the right foot.

If you have injured your ankle, don't wait to have this evaluated!  Call us today and we can take a look within about a day to determine what needs to be done next.