The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis, however how can you be sure?  Plantar fasciits most commonly occurs in patients who have pain first thing in the morning, or pain upon rising after sitting. The pain often subsides after walking around for abit, but then recurs after a period of remaining stationary once a gain.  Patients often have tight calves or hamstrings, and often find walking with a cushioned shoe wit proper arch support brings them relief.  However it is impossible to know as a patient if your heel pain is truly plantar fasciitis without a thorough exam.   Other causes of heel pain may include a plantar heel spur, a torn plantar fascia (not one that is just inflamed!), or a stress fracture.  At PPFAC, our doctors will perform a history and physical exam, complete with X rays to rule out many bony abnormalities and help narrow down the diagnosis. So make an appointment with one of our doctors, and find out if that heel pain is plantar fasciitis, or a myriad of other causes.  Once you have a diagnosis, our doctors will come up with a treatment plan to help you stay pain free.