Ingrown nails occur when the nail edges on either side of the nail grow incurvated and may cause a break in skin. They are painful and sometimes red and swollen; when you see drainage, then you know there is definitely a break in the skin and you need medical attention to make sure there is no impending infection!  This ingrown nail likely started because of a few reasons.  One reason can be due to tight shoes or socks, and this presses on the toenails.  Another reason could be due to "picking" at the nail or trimming it incorrectly and in turn, the nail border is aggravated and grows into the skin instead of outward.  The shape of our nails is heredetary, which meas someone else in your family has the same shape and tendency to grow incurvated nails.  Whatever the reason, if you think you may have an ingrown nail, make an appointment with one of our doctors to have it evaluated and treated in a timely manner.