Athlete's foot is contagious, as it can live and thrive on surfaces that are dark and stay damp, such as a gym floor, gym mats, or the side of a pool, or a shower or locker room floor.  It may even be present in the shoe you may try on at the store!  There is a reason for those booties that are provided to use to try on shoes.  If there is an occasion where your barefoot may come into contact with any of these surfaces where the fungus lives, then it may infect your foot, between your toes, or even your toenails as well.  Athlete's foot, or tinea pedis, may appear on your foot as scaley, flakey skin, or round reddish rashes.  If you think you may have athlete's foot, make an appointmen with one of our doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle.  Our doctors will make a diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan.