Because the term bunion is commonly used to describe a few different conditions, the first thing our doctors can do is identify what the exact cause of your pain is - whether it truly is a bunion or if there is another condition at play.  This narrows down the treatment options in many cases.  Our doctors perform a thorough physical exam and take x-rays to get the most accurate picture of your condition and can offer many treatment options.  While the first step is usually to decrease inflammation in the joint, the care that you receive following this is critical in preventing recurrence of pain and decreasing progression of the disease.  Our doctors offer anything from initial home therapies, to physical therapy, to custom orthotics that improve how your foot functions, to advanced therapies such as EPAT and in cases where necessary our doctors can offer a surgical treatment for your condition.

Don't delay treatment for that painful big toe joint! The sooner the problem is addressed, the sooner you can get better!

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