Neuropathy, or a disturbance of the nerves, can cause tingling, numbness, and even pain.  The symptoms usually worsen at night.  In order to control these symptoms, the best thing you can do as a patient is work with your doctor to control the cause of the neuropathy.  In diabetic patients, this means controling blood sugars in order to reduce diabetic neuropathy.  However if you do feel symptoms, our doctors have various methods to help control them.  Our doctors work with a compounding, pharmacy to formulate a topical medication specifically for this type of nerve pain, and we can change the prescription to fir our patients' specifications.  In addition, we have available at our office two difference supplements, Neuremedy and Nervasia, both of which contain vitamin B and folic acid, both essential for healthy nerves. To find out which of these treatments you can benefit from, make an appointment with one of our doctors.