A neuroma is the inflammation of the nerve that runs between the long bones of the foot and affects te toes, usually the 3rd and 4th toes.  You may feel numbness, tingling, or even pain.  At PPPFAC, our doctors will perform a thorough history and lower extremity exam, including digital in office Xrays, to determine if in fact you do have a neuroma.  If you are diagnosed with a neuroma by our doctors, we will come up with a comprehensive treatment plan starting with conservative therapy of proper padding, orthotics with accomodations,  physical therapy or EPAT, and possible steroid injection.  If all of these do not relieve your pain, we may consider surgical options after advanced modalities such as ultrasound or MRI to rule out any other lesions.  Regardless of you pain level, if you have any inkling that you may have a neuroma, make an appointment with our doctors at PPFAC and we will work together to relieve your pain in no time.