Everyone's pain tolerance is different. That being said, there are a few tips that can help you to avoid prolonged use of pain medication after surgery and help you to heal better!  All of these suggestions come down to one thing - listen to your surgeon!

After surgery, resting is key to a good recovery and reduced pain. Too much time up and about adds to swelling of the foot which puts further pressure on nerves in the foot that will then translate to pain.  Elevating the foot when at rest reduces swelling and allows the body to run the inital course of healing un-interrupted.  Icing the foot 10 minutes every hour while awake helps to reduce pain through decrease swelling as it slows the inflow of blood into the foot, just enough to prevent it from being excessive.  Adhering to your pain medication instructions and taking your first pill before pain starts are key!  If you 'miss the boat' then catching up to the pain can be near impossible - there is no reward for 'toughing it out' after surgery.