Heel pain in kids (and really pain anywhere) is caused by inflammation.  Decreasing inflammation at home is a great first step in helping their heel to start feeling better and ensuring they are wearing proper shoes and have proper support can help to expedite healing and decrease the chance of recurrence.  Decreasing inflammation can very easily be done through various methods of icing.  Some methods are more convenient than others and all of these icing instructions are available right here on our website!  If the pain is present during a time of year when sandals are popular, it also helps to get your little guy or gal into supportive gym shoes any time that they are out and about.  This helps to decrease motion at the site of pain and also helps to therefore decrease inflammation from this irritation.  If these methods fail to improve your child's condition over the course of a few days, come on in and see one of our doctors - we can offer additional treatments to help your child feel back to their normal self again fast!