Fungus is an opportunistic infection, and it is everywhere.  It affects all walks of life, but there are some that may be predisposed to the condition.  It affects athletes at a high rate because of sweaty feet and shoes that may cause repetitive trauma to the toenails, and those with athletes foot, or fungal skin infection, may also get the infection in their toenails.  In addition, elderly people or those with certain underlying conditions may be at a higher risk.  Anything that impairs your immune system may predispose you to the nail fungus, such as diabetes, cancer, or taking any immunosuppressive medications.  Some autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis may affect the appearance of the nails and fungus should be ruled out.  Make an appointment at PPFAC with one of our doctors to find out how to treat the condition and prevent it from spreading.