If you have curly toes, or hammertoes, there are ways of preventing them from becoming worse.

  • Don't wear shoes that are too tight or have a toe box that is too narrow.  Those ill-fitting shoes may not allow your toes to flex and extend as they need to while weight bearing, and stay curled 
  • Wear a proper arch support or orthotic- You should wear either a custom, a semi-custom, or good quality over the counter orthotic such as our Medical Grade Inserts, available in our office. A custom or semi-custom orthotic is prescribed by one of our doctors and fitted by our trained staff.  With a proper orthotic, the biomechanics of your foot are optimized, causing all of your muscles and tendons to work biochemically sound.  
  • You can do flexing and straightening exercises with your toes, including picking up a towel or tissue from the floor

All of these suggestions may help in preventing hammertoes from worsening, however if you want more information and answers, make an appointment with one of our doctors for a full evaluation.