That last thing you need during the gloomy, cold winter months is an injury that will keep you cooped up even further. We can't control the weather, but there are some things that can decrease your likelihood of suffering a foot or ankle injury.

1. Wear appropriate shoegear. While Ugg boots are warm, the soles of nearly all are not fit for walking on slippery surfaces, they also do not offer ANY support for your foot or ankle. So if there has been any precipitation/snow/ice/etc. it's best to wear a boot with appropriate tread and laces to secure the boot to your foot.

2. Step cautiously. When you see ice, or when temperatures dictate that it is there (black ice) when we can't see it, altering your gait to have more up and down motion of your foot and leg helps to reduce slipping. The more confidently you walk on ice, the more likely your pushoff will cause you to slip.

3. Stay fit! Exercises to help strengthen your ankles and work on balance help to train our feet and brains to optimize the response when you do start to fall. This can minimize injuries or in some cases help you to recover from the fall without actually becoming injured.