While fractures generally take 6-8 weeks to heal, the following things may help you get back to your normal self sooner. 

1. Following the doctor's orders - doing too much too soon can slow your recovery down. Taking it easy earlier in the healing process helps to make the healing happen more predictably and also reduces pain!

2. Take vitamin D and Calcium supplements - we all know that Calcium is important for healthy bones, but Vitamin D is important as having low levels reduces your body's ability to get the calcium into the bones! Viactiv chews are a great way to get both.

3. Bone Stimulator - these are available to some patients through insurance. There are two mechanisms that these devices use which help to facilitate more healing factors to the area of a fracture. Ask your doctor if a bone stimulator would be beneficial for you!

As always, call if you have questions or an injury you would like evaluated.