Imagine your trusted most favorite pair of shoes - in 3 different heel heights? One entrepreneur, Tanya Heath, made her dream a reality. This Canadian born designer, now in Paris, has come out with a shoe line in which with a push of a button, you can change the size and style of a heel. It can go form flat, to 1.5 inches, to 3.5 inches. In her interview, she states that the tipping point came when she would change into ballet flats to ride the train (also not the most ideal shoes!), then wear heels when she got to work. When people started making fun of her, she would just wear heels all the time as they do in paris. As she says, 3 pregnancies later, her feet were shot and she knew something had to be done. Although ballet flats are not ideal for your feet either, heels are not exactly comfortable. But when you have to dress a certain way for work, what do you do? At PPFAC, we are all women podiatrists, and we understand that it is tough to be stylish but stay comfortable and keep your feet injury free. If you have any foot concerns, make an appointment with one of our podiatrists. As professional women ourselves, we understand it is not as easy as wearing the right shoes all day. If you are having foot pain, we will do a thorough exam and come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. It may involve orthotics, which slip into your shoes to correct the biomechanics of the foot that are causing the pain in the first place. So don't delay in making a call to our office! To read more about the interchangeable heels, click here.

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