Recently I was looking at my youngest child's feet as I often do, and I noticed tiny scrapes on the top of his toes, especially the 2nd digit (the toe next to the big toe):

It turns out, he was wearing gym shoes that were too small to him, and he told me he had to "scrunch up his toes" so his toes wouldn't hurt when he wears his shoes.

It is important to notice these things when a child tells you he doesn't like those shoes, he doesn't want to put his shoes on, or he doesn't want to run and play.  It may be as simple as ill-fitting shoes that are just too uncomfortable to wear!  To find out more about how to tell if your child has the correct fitting shoes, see Dr. McNeill's blog about what to look for in children's shoes. Or if you have questions about your child's feet, make and appointment with one of our doctors and mention you are interested in discussing shoes.  Don't wait like I did!



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