Does your child play spring sports? Lacrosse, soccer, softball, or baseball? I can almost guarantee their heels are going to be bothering them by late April. How can I say this nicely? If you haven't noticed its been a rough winter here in Elmhurst!  (And the rest of the Midwest for that matter!)  The polar vortex will make it more difficult for all of us, kids and parents alike, to return to spring sports without some aches and pains. 
We haven't been exercising.  Many of us have taken this winter off and this winter has been just a little bit longer than usual. So our muscles and cardiovascular systems are a little de-conditioned. We need to be smart and return slowly to our normal regimen. 
The ground is REALLY hard! This is particularly tough for the cleated sports. Those cleats won't sink into the ground and we will have more inflammatory/over use conditions such as apophysisitis (kids heel pain) and sesamoiditis (pain under the ball of the foot).   The ground will also be very uneven, leading to more ankle sprains and fractures. 
Because its been such a terrible winter, we will all do too much too soon. Once the weather warms up we won't be able to resist getting outside! This is always a recipe for injury.  In fact spring is one of the most common times for stress fractures
If your child (or you...come on mom and dad!) complains of pain or soreness this spring, don't delay! If treated promptly, most of these conditions resolve with just one or two office visits and some very simple interventions. Unfortunately, if you hold off and 'hope its going to get better' it usually doesn't and then it takes longer to resolve.  None of us want our children to miss part of their spring season, so remember consistent pain after activity is NOT normal. Call our office for an appointment.
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