Ever seen the beautiful before and after photos of a big bunion that magically returns to a perfectly anatomical foot by just wearing something between your toes while you sleep?  I have and obviously so have many of the patients that come in to my office. It's a hot topic! 

Unfortunately as beautiful as those pictures are, it's just not possible!  A bunion is a bony abnormality and a malalignment of the joint and there is no brace in the world that can make it go away.  What the yoga toes do help with is keeping the soft tissues loose and pliable.  Thus sometimes making the bunion less painful, but often really doing not a whole lot. 

So if you are interested in yoga toes you are probably trying to avoid surgery and wondering what you can do short of undergoing "the knife".  Many times a correctly prescribed orthotic or custom insert for your shoe can help relieve the pain of walking, standing or exercising.  Wider toe boxed shoes help and sometimes padding the area for cushion.  

If the joint aches, we can consider oral or topical anti inflammatories and occasionally cortisone injections into the joint to alleviate it.  

In the end, the only way to FIX a bunion is to move the bone, loosen the soft tissues and realign the joint. No one ever wants to undergo surgery, but you don't want to live in pain the rest of your life either.  

Call my office today so we can get some x-rays and discuss your options.  

Dr. Misty McNeill
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