I am always telling my patients that to resolve their foot pain we need to address two things: the inflammatory response they are having and the biomechanics of their foot.  Bio-Mech...What??? More simply how your foot is functioning that is leading to the abnormal wear and PAIN! Many people have heard of the wet test or just look at you on a force plate, however this tells a VERY small portion of the picture. 

At our office we look at your foot function in several ways:

1st - Sitting  

Looking at the position of your foot as you sit can be a very valuable tool.  How you sit at rest tells us if there are is any natural tightness that we need to address.

2nd - Standing

Of course we must have you stand and see what the weightbearing pressures do to change your arch as well as the way the back and the front of the foot look in contact with the floor.  We will have you stand both facing us and looking away from us. 

3rd - Walking

It is very important to observe the normal gait or walking pattern of each patient to fully evaluate their biomechanics.  We aren't just looking at your feet but also your knees, hips, low back and even head and shoulders!  

4th- Kneeling

Finally, we often have patients kneel on our chair so that we can place the back of your foot in what we call "neutral" or perfect functioning postion.  From their we look at how much motion is at the middle of the foot, the big toe and most importantly how the front of the foot looks in comparision to the back of the foot (even, turned out or turned in).

Wherever you are being treated for your foot problem be sure that they are fully evaluating your foot type, especially if you aren't seeing progress.  At Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic, we usually find that this is the missing link in getting someone to start making progress or even to get you over that last hurdle.  As always we are happy to get you in and tackle your foot problem, click 

Dr. Misty McNeill
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