I recently spent 3 relaxing days at Glacier Canyon Lodge in the Wilderness Territory of Wisconsin Dells with my 2 boys for Spring Break.  Ok, it wasn't so relaxing for the parents, but it was a lot of fun to see the smiles on my boys faces as they jumped over huge waves and kicked back in the lazy river.  Since I spent most of my time watching for my kids to 'check in', I got to do a whole lot of people watching.  Of course I saw a lot of bare feet (occupational hazard!), I saw many 'not so good for you flip flops', unsightly fungal nails and yes, many plantar's warts.  

I am sure you are wondering why don't parents take care of them?  Honestly, they are a nuisance, they often don't cause pain, they don't make us or our kids sick, and they are typically slow to spread.  Also, if not treated properly they can be really difficult to get rid of.  So where do they end up...at the bottom of a busy mom's TO DO list!  

The truth is they won't go away with those 'Freeze It' kits or the home remedies of duct tape and essential oils.  At our office we do not burn or freeze them!  We use a painless,  high potency acid (about 5x stronger than the one you can purchase over the counter) in a series of applications.  This stimulates your body to mount an immune response, ridding your body of the wart virus and minimizing the risk of recurrence.  Typically, 4 applications are the average BUT the smaller the wart the faster it goes away. 

What we do know is the longer you wait the more headache they will be to go away.  So don't hesitate, make an appointment with one of our doctors today, and don't let your warts go on another vacation with you!

Dr. Misty McNeill
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