If you have a wart, or veruca,  on the bottom of your foot and come to our doctors here at Priairie Path Foot and Ankle, we have a tried and true protocol for treatment.  Warts are actually caused by a virus that lives between the layers of skin on the bottom of the foot.  Your body's immune system does not actually detect the virus as something that should not be there, so the virus happily spreads under the radar, undetected, to other parts of the foot or even the other foot.  The succes of our treatment plan achieves two main objectives:

1) it causes a response to the skin surrounding the wart so the virus does not want to stay and eventually leaves, and

2) it also helps activate your immune system to recognize that the virus shouldn't be there, further recruiting cells to fight the virus.

Because your own body's immune system is working to fight the virus, with lots of care and persistence, the wart eventually leaves and stays away, thus the high success rate.  Make an appointment at our office and our doctors will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and start an effective treatment plan.

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