Many of our patients who have diabetes also have something called diabetic neuropathy.  Diabetes affects the nerves in the feet, which cause feelings of tingling, numbness, and sometimes even pain.  But due to the numbness, or lack of feeling, something that would be painful to the bottom of the feet or toes to someone without diabetes woudl not feel the same to a person with diabetic neuropathy.  In fact, the lack of feeling in the toes can actually be dangerous, as areas of friction on the bottom of the feet can cause blisters, and if not cared for, lead to open sores, or ulcerations.  Because of this, we recommend using special shoe inserts that accomodate any abnormal areas of pressure for your feet.  They are made of a special material that acts as memory foam, which will mold to and cradle any areas of abnormal pressure.  This in turn decreases the incidences of calluses or blisters, which will prevent the formation of ulcers.  Our office carries many types of accomodative inserts for diabetic patients.  If you think you may need these inserts, or you are not sure and just want to find out, call our office at 630-834-3668.  Our doctors here at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic will make sure you have not only the right inserts but also the right shoe gear.  As a diabetic, you may need special shoes as well.  Give our office a call today!

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