The skin is a complex organ.  There is certainly a lot more than meets the eye and yet two lesions on the skin can look identical, but be completely different - one may be benign while the other may be malignant.  While we see a variety of skin lesions in the foot, it can be difficult at times to definitively diagnose a skin lesion through purely an examination.

Some telltale signs of a dangerous or malignant lesion include size greater than 1 cm, variations of color within the lesion, itching/burning/pain or bleeding to the lesion or changes in any of these areas over time.  All that being said, there are lesions that are malignant which present similarly to warts or similarly to a small sore and you may even recall an injury to the skin before noticing the lesion. 

In order to get a definitive diagnosis of a skin lesion, evaluation under a microscope is necessary. This means having a biopsy performed.  A biopsy is a simple, in-office procedure in which part or the whole of the lesion is removed and sent to a lab for evaluation.  The area of skin typically biopsied is smaller than an eraser head, which means that typically this area heals within a couple of weeks.

If you have any growths or areas of changed color on your foot and have a personal or family history of skin cancer, consider having an assessment.  A quick evaluation or small procedure can offer a lot of peace of mind.  Contact us today!

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