All too often we have people come in for pain in their feet and/or ankles.  The initial discussion and evaluation usually includes a peek at the shoes you have been wearing.  Could the shoes have caused the condition you now have?  Absolutely.  Sometimes it is a matter of the shoes being worn out, but at other times the shoe may have been bad from the very beginning.  Look here for a more in-depth discussion on how to know if a pair of shoes is "good" or not.

Generally speaking, a "cheaper" pair of shoes does not have the same materials used in its creation.  Also, these shoes don't always have much R & D (research and design) that went into their design.  You definitely get what you pay for when you purchase shoes.

Dress shoes and heels can be very expensive, as you are paying for the creative thoughts and efforts of a shoe designer.  In this instance, you aren't paying for what will be good for your foot often - rather you are paying for a name and a look.

Athletic shoes and even many dress pairs today have had a lot of research put into their creation and the more that is taken into account in a design, the more components the shoe can possess.  To drive the point home, here are two videos.  One shows the process of making a canvas type shoe and the other is from New Balance (a well respected shoe that we highly recommend to many patients!). 

If you are wondering whether your shoes are going to cause you a problem, or if you think they already have - call our office today!  Our doctors can answer all of your shoe questions!

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