More snow?!?! More cold temperatures?!?!  I know it's winter and I know we're in Chicagoland, but I can't remember the last time we had THIS much snow and THIS many days of prolonged cold temperatures.  I check my weather app every morning and search desperately for a break - maybe just one day above 30 this week??

I was lucky enough to get out for a run last week, but had to stay in the middle of the roads for the best bet of not hitting a slippery patch.  Whatever you choose to do outside, be careful!  Even without a full-out fall, there is a heightened risk of injury from just walking over slippery uneven mounds of snow and ice.  Your ankles have to work even harder to keep your body upright and while winter boots are warm, most do not provide good support for feet and ankles.  This can lead to achy muscles and tendinitis.  As unappealing as it sounds these days, if you do experience pain in your ankles or feet or achiness after being out all day, icing the ankles for 15 minutes helps to alleviate some of the inflammation and can help keep you from developing a chronic condition, which takes longer to recover from.

If you are getting cabin fever, like me, yoga is a great way to get out of the house and let out some tension.  There are a lot of new yoga places open locally and yoga keeps your muscles loose for when winter does finally break (it will happen, it will happen, it will happen...) and allow you back out to safely and routinely go running.

Stay warm, stay safe and call our office for any foot or ankle issues - a perk to the down time from outside activities is that it's a great time to slow down and take whatever means necessary to start getting better for when the weather is more appealing for running!

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