When you come visit a doctor at Prairie Path, we will take a thorough history and examine your lower extremity thoroughly, and ask many questions that seemingly have nothing to do with your main complaint.  One of those questions may be whether you are a smoker or not.  The reason we ask is because smoking has several affects on the body.  For one, smoking causes a restriction in blood vessels, which in turn reduces blood flow to certain parts of your body.  In an injury or open sore in a diabetic, this may decrease healing potential and prolong healing time.  In addition, there have been studies that show smoking also prolongs healing times in the case of a fracture or a broken bone in the foot.  So there may be more reasons than ever to talk to your doctor about quitting smoking, as it may help you heal faster. 

For a thorough evaluation for any injury, make an appointment with us at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle Clinic.

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