There is always an appropriate dress code to adhere to - at work we dress business casual, at home we can take it down a few notches. When you run or exercise, it is just as important to wear the appropriate gear. Not only do you want to look the part (it always makes me more confident in my workouts when I know I look good and feel good in my workout clothes) but your clothes should be of a material that wicks moisture and sweat away from your body and also lets you breath. In this case, 100 % cotton is not recommended. From the support of a good sports bra to the support of good running shoes with or without orthotics, comfort is key. The best running socks I have come across are Feetures. The last thing you want to think about is how your shirt is flapping around or your running pants are causing chafing! Nothing kills a good run like a blister that is about to pop. So take your time and invest in comfortably running gear - it will allow you to concentrate on other important things like that PR. If you have any foot problems, contact our office and our doctors will diagnose and treat you right away. 

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