I’ve been asked before when I recommend having surgery done. 

Of course this depends on the particular surgery in question. Some surgeries of the foot should be done emergently, some urgently and others are elective.  Infections tend to be the most often encountered urgent/emergent situations.  Elective surgeries such as bunions can be viewed from a couple of perspectives. If a bunion is painful every day and doesn’t get better with conservative treatment, I recommend surgery be done at a patient’s earliest convenience, in efforts to get them back into their routine with less pain.  If a bunion is moderately painful, sometimes it can wait while still others can wait and be watched - or event treated through other methods.  If x-rays demonstrate impending damage to the joint, I recommend not waiting long in efforts to “keep it simple.” The more adaptation to a joint and the more damage to a joint – the more complicated the surgery (and recovery) can be. If you are thinking about foot surgery, have a consultation with one of our doctors. We will give you an honest and objective opinion to help guide you to the appropriate treatment!

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