Pain in the feet and ankles can be one of a number of things. Overuse conditions like tendinitis and fasciitis are often linked to your foot type.  While some conditions will come and go and never be a problem again - many others seem to be a recurring theme in some of our patients' lives.  While there are some cases when a foot problem was a fluke, most are because of the way your foot functions while standing and walking. This can change over time and with changing activities, making some conditions come to light, which were never a problem before.

If you have been diagnosed and treated for a tendon, ligament or joint condition and still have problems with it, the best way to address this is to be sure you have appropriate orthotics.  These are best when made custom to your foot, as they decrease the need for your foot and ankle to compromise their optimal funcitoning position.  While initial therapies for the above conditions can be remedied with a few weeks of treatment, orthotics are the way to NOT have to deal with that same problem again in the future.

At Prairie Path Foot & Ankle Clinic, we strive to make orthotics that you LOVE to wear! Schedule an appointment with one of our docs today to see if it's time for orthotics for you!

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