Over the years, I have asked myself why anyone would need to hire a run coach?  I mean really, lace up some shoes people and get out there and get it done! That was until I got stuck.  Stuck in a rut, stuck at a pace, stuck with my weight!  After a few years of getting steadily faster and being able to rely solely on running for maintanence of my weight, I have hit a plateau.  The problem with "us runners" is that if there is one thing we dread...it's getting stuck!  

I will be honest, I don't care for speedwork and I don't want to mix it up! Most importantly, I don't want to get injured! That is exactly why I took to a google search and I called in a coach!   Coach Sam called me last night and went through all my training, all my marathon and half marathon times and within 20 minutes had me pegged.  What I was calling my routine, he was calling my rut.   

He told me the good: I have a great base, I am dedicated, I am capable.  

He told me the bad: My routine won't make me faster, I am overly efficient at my normal 5 miles so my weight won't change. 

He told me I had to (GASP) shake it up and get out of my comfort zone.

But he also promised that if I gave him my feedback after daily runs, he would adjust accordingly slowly easing me into this new "routine".  He told me we would listen to my body so I wouldn't get injured.  Best of all, he told me if I listened to him my upcoming marathon in January would give me a big PR. 

By the end of the call, I was hooked.  I have signed up for 4 months of coaching.  I will get an email weekly with my workouts and I will give him feedback.  So if you every wondered "Why a run coach?" follow along and see if all this really pays off! 

Run Happy- Dr Misty 

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