As in the past, I have put together all of the videos from my Social Media Series, "What's That Bump" in one handy location. Please feel free to share this page with anyone who you think could benefit from a better understanding of a bump they have.

Episode 1 - Tailor's Bunion: A Tailor's bunion is a bump on the babytoe side of the foot. This area can be painful with certain shoes and an overlying condition called capsulitis or bursitis can occur due to irritation. Tailor's bunions are sometimes referred to as bunionettes as they are similar to the counterpart on the big toe joint side of the foot. Tailor's bunions tend to be genetically inherited and can be treated both surgically and conservatively depending upon the severity.

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Episode 2 - Ganglion Cysts: Ganglion cysts are the most common benign mass seen in the feet. They are due to a weakening in a tendon sheath or joint capsule most often. In some instances, ganglion cysts can be treated conservatively or with an in-office procedure, though some recurrent cysts may require more attention. 

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Episode 3 - Haglund's Deformity or Pump Bump: This is a prominence on the back of the heel. The prominence stems from a genetic inheritance and also due to the pull of your achilles tendon where it inserts on the heel bone. These bumps can be painful in certain shoes and while in many instances is well managed conservatively, there are some instances where removing this bump surgically is necessary.

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Episode 4 - Bumps on tops of Toes: More often than not, bumps on the tops of the toes are either directly or indirectly related to contractures of those toes which are often referred to as hammertoes. If your toes curl up and become stiff over time, shoes can cause friction to the skin on the tops of these joints and can result in calluses.

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Episode 5 - Mid-foot Degenerative Joint Disease and other causes of Mid-foot Bumps: On the top of the arch of the foot there are many bones that meet together forming joints. In many foot structures, repetitive jamming of these joints on the top of the foot can result in the formation of bone spurring and in some instances a flare up of pain we call capsulitis. These bumps can be difficult to work around with shoes, but we find that having the right support for your feet helps to reduce flare ups of pain.

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Episode 6 - Bunions: Bunions are bumps seen on the inside aspect of the great toe joint. These are a result of poor mechanics in the foot and the mechanics of our feet is inherited genetically. We have patients with small bunions that cause a lot of pain and also patients with large bunions who are not experiencing pain. We offer conservative as well as surgical treatment for bunions and a visit to see us and obtain x-rays helps us to guide you in the right direction for treatment.

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Please consider calling our office if you or someone you love has any signs or symptoms of any of the conditions described in this post. We are always here to listen, evaluate and help get you on the road to feeling better. Bumps on the feet are most often benign though they may be a pesky or painful problem. With a wide variety of treatments at your disposal, you'll be glad to know what that bump is and how to approach treatment.

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