Lumps and bumps on our feet can be from anything from infection, to soft tissue masses or cysts, to bone spurs or bunions. Just looking at the skin's surface, even a trained eye cannot always determine what that bump is.  While there is a plethora of information at our fingertips, avoid the temptation to treat your bump at home with the assistance of a youtube video - you could find yourself worse off.

Bumps in the big toe joint are often due to bunions. However, there are many cases where there is a bunion and at the same time another condition is at play - complicating the matter. Capsulitis, bursitis, gout and ganglion cysts can all accompany a bunion. A bump on the top of the foot may well be due to a ganglion cyst, but if it is due to another condition - such as an aneurysm, the treatment is very different. 

Our office has digital x-rays, so we can get more information in a snap. If there is still a question, our team has other physicians and studies at our disposal to help ensure that your condition is accurately diagnosed and treated.

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