Pain at the base of the big toe, near the ball of the foot, is not uncommon.  Often patients cannot remember trauma or an injury to the area, and often it is activity related.  It could be a condition called sesamoiditis.  This is the inflammation of one or two tiny bones, called sesamoids, that are located at the base of the big toe / ball of the foot.  Any sport or activity that causes increased pressure on that part of the foot can cause this pain such as in dancers, baseball players, or basketball players.  This is not exclusive to athletes though, as shoe gear and biomechanical forces on the foot over time can also irritate the area.  This condition can in some cases even be the early sign of a bunion forming! The best step to take is to come into our office for an exam and X-ray to rule out a fracture of one of these tiny bones. We can also come up with a treatment plan to help with the pain.  Most of the treatments for sesamoiditis and non-invasive and non-painful, so don't hesitate to schedule an appointment to start getting better!

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