This past weekend, my children participated in the conference swim meet at our community pool.  As parents, we volunteer at these mostly volunteer run meets, which last from 6:30 am until almost 2:00 pm.  It was a hot muggy day, complete with forecast of probable showers by mid day.  On long days like these where I know I will be running around corraling kids and lining them up by event and heat number, I would usually wear my running shoes with my trusted orthotics.  However with rain in the forecast, and running on and off the pool deck lining up kids and timing 25 and 50 yard events, I thought I would just wear sandals.  This, I found out, was a huge mistake.  By mid day, the sandal straps were cutting into my skin, and the friction of my sweaty bottom surface of my feet was causing blisters.  The worst part of it was that due to the lack of support, even just for a few hours, my peroneal tendinitis (pain in the tendon on the outside of my foot) was acting up again.  "Curse these fashion sandals!  Never again!" I vowed to myself as I hobbled along running after the swimmers I was in charge of organizing.  I learned my lesson - don't try to wear shoes without support on a day when you need the support.  For the next day, I tried to think of why my own podiatrist, Dr. McNeill, would do - I iced, stretched, and oh yeah, I wore my custom orthotics.  Day 2, and my feet are as good as new.  

Moral of the story - if you have orthotics, wear them.  If you have foot pain of any sort, make an appointment with one of the doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle clinic.  The doctors will do a thorough exam and come up with a treatment plan - and get you out of pain quickly.  If only I listened to my podiatrist in the first place!

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