Whether you realize it or not, the way your feet look can tell a lot about your overall health. Conditions throughout the body can present in different ways within the feet. Here are a few warning signs you shouldn't ignore.

1.) Cold toes, painful toes, cramping when you walk a certain distance.  All of these things correlate with a condition called peripheral vascular disease. In this condition, the blood flow (or circulation) in your extremities is lacking. This can become a very big problem for healing and also often can be treated easily if caught early on.

2.) A new, itchy, painful, or draining lesion on the skin. Skin cancer doesn't happen as much on the feet as other parts of the body, but when it does, missing the diagnosis can be incredibly detrimental.  Any new skin lesions, or markings in the toenails even, should be evaluated by a professional. Key recommendations can help to get your diagnosis early and then you can set your mind at ease.

3.) Calluses. Calluses are a reflection of where excessive friction or pressure is in the feet. Where these calluses occur, helps your podiatrist to determine what foot condition may become a bigger problem for you down the line.  In addition, calluses in the feet can also be more than calluses! They may be a wart, porokeratosis or even an ulceration.

4.) Thick, yellow, chalky, flaky toenails.  While often times people have either a damaged nail or a nail fungus, nails with different appearances can be due to an underlying autoimmune disease, such as psoriasis or even rheumatoid arthritis!

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