I was at my relative's graduation party, a time of congratulations and transition to the next level.  He was going on to college, but his younger cousin was just discharged from the hospital after a few days.  He just turned 13 years old, and he was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I spoke extensively to his mom, and she says the warning signs were there: waking up at night  due to extreme thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, not "feeling quite right," with lack of energy, moodiness.  They thought they should have him checked out just in case, and it turns out, his blood sugar at the pediatrician's office was so high they sent him straight to the emergency room.  Because his parents were educated on the signs, they knew to get it checked out.  And he is now on an insulin regimen and all of his symptoms are gone.  He knows he has a lifetime ahead of him that includes daily insulin shots and monitoring, but with good education, he will also learn to take care of his body, get his eyes checked, and visit his podiatrist often.

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