As discussed previously in this article, there are a variety of causes for swelling in one limb.  In order to address this swelling, knowing the cause is critical!  Here are some tips;

1. If you know you had an injury to the swollen limb, remember the acronym PRICE. 'P' is for protection, so protect that injury to prevent further damage.  'R' is for rest, this allows your body to initiate the healing process. 'I' is for icing, we recommend icing 10-15 minutes every hour while awake to bring the swelling down.  'C' is for compression, which helps your body to re-circulate the fluid causing the swelling.  'E' is for elevation, which minimizes the affect that gravity has on the pooling of fluid in the injured limb.

2. If you have been diagnosed with arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic, gouty), a rheumatologist can assist in treatment for the condition, which should also reduce swelling.  If you have osteoarthritis and it is one joint in particular in the foot, consult a podiatrist.  There are a range of treatment options to reduce irritation (and thus swelling).

3. If you have a quick onset of swelling and also redness or any open lesion or drainage, you may have an infection.  Infections need to be diagnosed by a physician, so see your regular doctor or podiatrist and you may require either a small procedure or a course of antibiotics to bring swelling down.

4. Baker's cysts and DVT's typically present with pain in the calf or back of the knee.  If you have these symptoms, it is imperitive to be evaluated.  These conditions require advanced testing to identify and treatment should not be attempted at home and is also critical to prevent very serious complications.

**Schedule an appointment today if you have unexplained swelling in your leg! 

We can help diagnose your condition and initiate timely treatment to get you better fast!**


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