Just as nothing happens in a vacuum, the same goes for fungal nails.  The toenail, the skin on your feet, and the shoes and socks you wear all have an affect on the fungus.  Remember, fungus is everywhere; it is an opportunistic infection that has to find the right environment to survive.  It thrives in dark, moist, enclosed environments, and a shoe or sock is the perfect place.  This is why we recommend a shoe spray to prevent the fungus from thriving here because as you treat your nail, you don't want to keep reinfecting by wearing the shoes that may be housing the fungus. In addition,  the same fungus that affects your toenail may also be affecting your skin in the form of athlete's foot.  Our doctors may recommend a topical cream for your feet as well, and remind you to dry thoroughly between your toes to prevent moisture build up.  Make an appointment to see us at PPFAC, and treatment can begin on your first visit!  

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