Please note that these community events are not currently taking place, but we have left the information here as inspiration should anyone want to start something like this in their own community.

Every Tuesday we meet here at the office for our weekly Timeout Tuesday Fun Walk/Run.  When coming up with this fun run we were excited to open up this running group to people who may not feel comfortable jumping in with the other runners in town.  Let's face it....Elmhurst has some pretty amazing runners.  We wanted to eliminate the intimidation and welcome those who choose to walk, jog or run/walk the 1, 2 or 3 miles that we go.  So far every week we have had new faces as well as some familiar faces join us as we head out on the path.  I love this group because having had medical issues the past few years stemming from an autoimmune disease, I had to take a big step back in my running.  I went from being signed up to run the Chicago Marathon for Team in Training to barely being able to slow jog even 1/4 mile due to breathing difficulties.  Thankfully, since treatment, I am getting more mileage on my running shoes these days but breathing is still a big struggle for me.  Well today we welcomed a new runner to the group that has the same autoimmune struggles as I and we bonded during our 3 mile run/walk while Dr. Arain headed out for a 3 mile jog with the others.   It was her first time running with a group and was worried about slowing us down.  That is the beauty of this run/walk there is no "slowing us down"...we are all slow!  She Googled "Elmhurst Running Groups" and stumbled upon our Timeout Tuesday Fun Run posting and decided to try it out and we are so glad she did!   She was so encouraged by the group that she is now joining us tomorrow night at The Runner's Soul Winey Wednesday Fun Run as well.  See you all tomorrow night at The Runner's Soul!

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