At long last, I found a pair of boots to wear this fall and winter.  I searched high and low, looking for something that I could walk in easily and that would be comfortable all the way until the end of the day.  As my journey began I was hoping to find boots with a minimal heel and with good arch support.  Of course, I wouldn't even look that far unless I liked the style - my options were slim to none.  Yes, I am very picky with shoes and I realize that the world of shoes does not focus on comfort in conjunction with style - but I truly didn't think I was asking for that much.

I looked online at just about every single pair of boots on Zappos and, but ordering shoes without having tried on a pair is a bad idea.  Even if the particular website offers free returns, it means waiting and then possibly having to start the whole process all over again!  Then, my sister emails me a coupon for Famous Footwear.  I hadn't been there yet, but having gone to DSW (a warehouse of shoes), Macy's and Nordstrom - and having not found anything to my liking, I had my doubts.  I threw on my running shoes and went to Famous Footwear.  I gathered a half dozen boxes of boots and tried them on, walking around the aisles.  As I looked down at my feet, I realized how little support I had and that my feet were turning out - but this particular pair of boots was cute and didn't have too high of a heel.  What to do? 

I've got it!  I looked down at my running shoe and quickly pulled out my orthotic.  I said a little prayer and started trying to slide it into the boot.  The orthotic fit!  Now the real test was whether my foot would still fit in the boot.  Thankfully, this particular pair of boots had enough room that I pulled them on and wouldn't you know it - they felt great!  JUST like in Cinderella (except that I have big feet like one of her step sisters).  I breathed a sigh of relief and proudly brought my Carlos Santana boots to the register. 

Not all boots will fit an orthotic, but custom orthotics have the potential to turn an OK cute boot into a boot that can be worn all day long without fear of tired, achy, sore feet later.  You don't HAVE to spend hundreds of dollars this season on boots, especially if you have a pair of custom supports to add what most shoes/boots lack.  Now I just need to find a pair of black ones...

If you want to know more about custom orthotics, call the office and make an appointment with one of our doctors today!


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