With Thanksgiving just over a week away, that means one thing: it's almost Black Friday! We know that many of our patients will be making a mad rush for electronics, but for those in search of a new pair of shoes (or three), we're here to give you some guidance. Don't worry: you can get some seriously great deals on amazingly cute shoes--and still have your feet feeling good! Let's dive in! 

The Best Boots to Score on Black Friday

We all know that chilly fall temperatures here will feel balmy compared to the approaching winter lows. Which means that boots are likely on your Black Friday shopping list. Lucky for all of us, many major retailers, like Nordstrom, will have With snow, and Black Friday, just around the corner, you need to know what kind of boots to buy!plenty of boots on sale.

Of course, not all boots are created equal when it comes to providing foot support. While most pairs offer dual-sided ankle support, there are other features you should seek out in a pair of boots. The first feature to examine is your boot's heel: your ideal heel height is two inches or lower. If you go any bigger on heel height, your body weight gets pushed to the front of your feet. This can cause you to experience pain in the balls of your feet. Overtime, it may also lead to inflammation in the nerves of your feet or toes (neuromas). 

The second feature to examine is the width of a boot's heel. While skinny stiletto heels may look cute, they offer almost no support to the back of your feet...and you know what that means! Right--all your weight must, once again, be supported by your forefoot. While we've already discussed the problems with putting too much pressure on your forefoot, skinny boot heels come with other risk factors They leave you walking on an extremely wobbly base, something that increases your risk of falls and ankle sprains, regardless of how much ankle support the boot itself can offer.

Finally, it's crucial to consider what kind of weather conditions you'll be facing in your new boots. We all know that snow is coming, so if you have plans to wear these boots outdoors this winter, choosing a pair with good grips on the sole is a very smart idea. Certain brands tend to design with the health of your feet in mind (think Naturalizer and Sorel) but using these three criteria, it's entirely possible to find a foot-friendly boot from almost any designer. 

Now that you know what to look for in outdoor footwear, let's turn to cozier matters: slippers! 

Add These Oprah (and Podiatrist) Approved Slippers to Your List
Are you searching for new slippers this holiday season? Here's why we think you should be: not only do slippers make for great stocking stuffers, they also are a good idea for your feet. Here's the thing: no matter how clean you get the floors in your home, there's still bound to be some germs on the surfaces you step on. So, you certainly want a barrier between your feet and the floor. Plus, going barefoot leaves your feet cold--and vulnerable to attack from all those stray Legos your The right kind of slippers make a perfect holiday gift--and Black Friday purchase!child swore she'd clean up! 

But what kind of slipper should you be searching for this black Friday? Thanks to a little help from Oprah Winfrey, we've got some guidance to offer you! 

This year, Vionic Slippers have made their way onto Oprah's "2018 Favorite Things" guide: here's why they're on our list as well. Unlike many slippers that are thin and flat, offering no arch support for your feet, Vionics come with a built-in orthotic foot bed. Not only does this offer greater foot support (meaning you'll experience less foot pain), it also helps your slipper stay in place as you walk. In contrast, other slippers tend to, well, slip, making your toes grip tight to keep them from falling off your feet. And in the world of podiatry, toe-gripping is no good: it can change the shape of your toes over time and, like other bad ideas, leave your feet feeling sore. 

Not only are Vionic slippers good for your feet, they're also cute and cozy. They come in four different colors and  range of sizes. They're also constructed from super-soft faux-fur, so your feet will get all the cozy goodness without the worry of animal cruelty. 

That's all the good news, but here's the caveat: at $79.95 a pair, these slippers don't come cheap. But heck, that's why they're on our Black Friday list! With a good sale, Vionics can be the perfect purchase, and the perfect thing to slip on your feet after a long and grueling day searching for all those other post-Thanksgiving sale items! 

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