I have been in love with my Spenco Sandals since the day I first slid my feet into them 4 years ago. They have been at the finish line of every marathon, on every vacation (beach or otherwise) and they wait for me by the back door everyday. I love sliding into them and walking around the house. They are so comfortable! 

The Spenco Sandals are great for runners, people with sore feet, heel pain and even just for those looking to avoid the problems that flip flops and other poorly made sandals can cause. 

I didn't think it was possible to love them any more until the 2013 line arrived.  They are so cute!!                

What more could a girl ask for? The ultimate in comfort and fashionable!! 

My favorite are the white gold....

But I am also drawn to the "uber un-practical, totally out there" orange Quartet sandals.



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