My patients ask me what type of socks to wear.  The old school party line recommendation was that you should always wear 100% cotton socks.  Now I am all for organic materials, but in certain situations, all cotton is not the best. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, or harbor moisture between the toes, then think of wearing an all cotton sock is like wearing a wet T-shirt -- it holds all the moisture in.  You need a cotton blended with a moisture wicking material, so that when your feet sweat, the material is wicking moisture away from your skin, not harboring it.  This can also help with odor, as trapped bacteria and fungus thrive in a moist environment.  We carry Feetures! brand socks, and Dr. McNeill and I wear these on a daily basis, and the right socks are just as important as wearing the right shoes.

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