If you are diabetic, there is so much to keep track of - your diet, your blood sugar readings, your medications and/or insulin, and your labs.  You also need to check your feet every day.  How about keeping track of your sleep?  If you want to improve your blood sugar levels, research has shown that better sleep habits can help.  Diabetes occurs when the body is unable to use the hormone insulin to regulate blood sugar.  Impaired insulin sensitivity is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes.  When the body does not get enough sleep, then researchers found that the body's insulin resistance increased, causing higher blood sugars.  When the patients were able to catch up on sleep on the weekends, then their insulin levels fell and their insulin resistence decreased to normal.  So remember to get your zz's in if you are diabetic!  If you are diabetic, you should also see a podiatrist for any foot related issues.  Call our office today for a diabetic foot exam, suggestions on footwear, and to receive diabetic foot education 630-834-3668


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