Maybe you've heard of "stem cells" on the news in the last years. Stem cells are essentially cells in the body that have the potential to be any type of cell - muscle cell, nerve cell, skin cell, etc.

Newborns have many of these types of cells as they have a lot of growing and developing to do.

There are many products available that provide advanced healing factors, some derived from chorion and amnion of placental tissue which are separated and thoroughly sterilized and prepared for injectable or graft type use. The applications for these products are very diverse. There are sheets of thes product which are used for ulcers and wound healing, but they can also be used to wrap tendons intraoperatively to improve healing and limit scarring. There is an injection form which can also be used in wound care but is also used commonly for heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and tendinitis - and we have had great outcomes. As opposed to cortisone injections, advanced healing products can be used without worry of damaging or causing tears to tendons and ligaments. At our office it also offers another option for those patients who suffer plantar fascia tears (which are not surgically repairable and can take months to heal and feel better).

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