Holidays are coming, and are your feet ready?  We worry about everything else and everyone else, but what about ourselves?  Make sure your feet are ready!

-well fitting shoes - when you go out to run errands, go shopping, or on your feet all day at holiday parties and visiting friends and family, make sure you can stay comfortable in proper fitting shoes.  Be sure to have yourself fitted and wear walking shoes or gym shoes when standing or walking for extended periods of time.  Consider Powerstep orthotics available at our office, or make an appointment with one of our doctors to make sure you have the right choice of shoes.  

-pamper your feet - Don't ignore any discomfort in your feet!  Be sure to inspect your feet for blisters, ingrown nails, or other issues.  Moisturize dry cracked heels (I recommend Gormel cream 20% urea) and use our our Dr. Remedy nail polish to show off your toes. 

-put up your feet when you can - after prolonged standing in long lines, you could have swelling or soreness in your legs.  Consider compression stockings.  They are available in our office, and are great for traveling too!  You can also use Biofreeze to massage aching sore legs and feet.

Most of all, if you are having any foot pain or have any questions about your feet, make an appointment with the doctors at Prairie Path Foot and Ankle. We are open during the holiday season to help you get throught the holidays pain free!









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