Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common ailments to affect the feet of runners. The dreaded diagnosis doesn’t only affect runners, as pro athletes in the NBA, MLB and NFL  (including Payton Manning most recently) have fallen victim to this nagging, painful condition. None of this is shocking, though, since in high impact sports the heel absorbs forces several times greater than your body weight. 

One of the most common questions athletes have is “can I play through this?” This is a difficult question to answer, and is usually discussed on a case by case basis, but running or playing through this injury can delay recuperation. Continuing to run on a foot suffering from plantar fasciitis can lead to an all out tear of the tissue, which will result in a complete halt in your activities. It’s best to take it easy, and take a break from your activity or reduce the intensity. Pool running, swimming or cycling can keep you active while your plantar fascia heals.

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